All of our engines and modules are all cleaned, tested and certified.

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M250 Engines:
Model C20W; P/N 23052351; S/N CAE-845092
Model C20B; P/N 6887190; S/N CAE-840554
Model C47B; P/N 23063392; S/N 844154
M250 Modules:
Model C20B Gearbox; P/N 6894171; S/N CAG-32842F
Model C20B Gearbox; P/N 6894171; S/N CAG-33071
Model C20B Centrifugal Compressor; P/N 6890550; S/N CAC-80519
 Model C20B Turbine; P/N 23038241; S/N CAT-30925P 
Model C20B Turbine; P/N 23038241; S/N CAT-31434P
Model C20B Governor; P/N 23086749; S/N BR44339
Model C20R Compressor; P/N 23050833; S/N CAC-36357
Model C30 Turbine; P/N 23035128; S/N CAT-97905
Model C40/C47B Series Compressor; P/N 23065593; S/N CAC-44612
Model C47B Turbine; P/N 23063354; S/N CAT-44513
PT Governor; P/N 23070101; S/N 27540

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T53 Engines:

 Model 17-B; P/N 1-000-060-17; S/N LE-07727C

T53 Modules:
Fuel Control Unit; P/N 1-170-780-01; S/N 682AS5967
PT Governor, P/N 1-160-850-23; S/N 02AM15342