All of our engines are all cleaned, tested and certified before they are posted. Units for sale include engines, turbines, gearboxes and compressors.

For more information, please contact our Sales Team or 1-604-244-1668


T53 Engines:

 Model 17-B; P/N 1-000-060-30; S/N LE-07727C

T53 Modules:
Fuel Control Unit; P/N 1-170-780-01; S/N 682AS5967
PT Governor, P/N 1-160-850-23; S/N 02AM15342 


*Please call us at 604-244-1668 for more details*

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M250 Engines:
Model C20W; P/N 23052351; S/N CAE-845092
Model C20B; P/N 6887190; S/N CAE-840554
Model C47B; P/N 23063392; S/N 844154
M250 Modules:
Model C20B Gearbox; P/N 6894171; S/N CAG-32842F
Model C20B Gearbox; P/N 6894171; S/N CAG-33071
Model C20B Centrifugal Compressor; P/N 6890550; S/N CAC-80519
Model C20B Turbine; P/N 23038241; S/N CAT-30925P 
Model C20B Turbine; P/N 23038241; S/N CAT-31434P
Model C20B Governor; P/N 23086749; S/N BR44339
Model C20R Compressor; P/N 23050833; S/N CAC-36357
Model C30 Turbine; P/N 23035128; S/N CAT-97905
Model C40/C47B Series Compressor; P/N 23065593; S/N CAC-44612
Model C47B Turbine; P/N 23063354; S/N CAT-44513
PT Governor; P/N 23070101; S/N 27540

*Please call for more details*